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Our beloved boy Doc, the face of Weissman's Pet Boarding. He was a special dog who had such a unique personality. He LOVED people, you were guarantee to smile after meeting Doc. He just brought that out of everyone he met.  He had special dog friends too,  but his happy place was whenever he was getting love and attention from people. He would brighten up a room, and brighten up your day just by being around you. We always called Doc our "healer" because he had a special capability of just making you feel good. He left his mark in this world and will always be remembered with fond memories and joy in our hearts. 


Daisy was with us from the first year we opened our doors. She was a special part of the pack and we always loved when she came to spend some time with us. She had many friends and was well liked. Whether she was playing ball, running around the yard, or splashing in the pool, Daisy always took part of all of the fun activities and was never one to miss out. She had a sweet personality and knew how to have a good time. She will always be fondly remembered and have a special place in our hearts. 


Harry was an old soul that stole our hearts from the first time we met him. He was so loving and laid back. When he came for boarding, while most of the other dogs spent a lot of time playing, you would always catch Harry snoozing on a bed. You could hear him snoring from the other room and know he was just so happy and content. He was the most mellow guy ever and very very sweet. He will always be remembered, and we will always have a soft spot for this little guy!  


Lucy was a fun, friendly, loving girl. She was very unique and always kept us laughing with her individuality. She was an older girl and always found friends with the young dogs. A young soul at heart! She kept up with them and still acted like she was a puppy herself. She was very loved by both her human and dog friends and will always be thought about in a positive, happy light, because she was a positive and happy light in this world!


Zoe was a regular here that everyone knew and loved! She was a "patrol dog" as we lovingly referred to her as. Zoe was always busy making sure  the other dogs were behaving themselves. She was independent and very stoic. While she was never much of a cuddler, she had her ways of showing us that she loved us.  Once she gained your trust, you could count on her to be by your side forever. She was a one of a kind dog and will always be missed. 

Buddy & Oliver

Buddy & Oliver were one of our first ever pet sitting jobs. We could say a lot about these two boys. Spending several years with them, we got to know them quite well. Buddy & Oliver were litter mates who entered this world together and also left this world together. They were by each others side for 15 wonderful years and lived a great life. We loved caring for them. They would always make us laugh with their brotherly antics.  Even into their senior years they were mischievous boys that would always keep us on our toes! They were very much loved, and with our long history,  these two will always hold a special place in our heart. 


Deuce was another regular here at Weissman's Pet Boarding. He came often, and because of that he had A LOT of friends. Everybody loved Deuce. He had a special way of making friends (best friends!) with so many different dogs of all sizes. He was a joy to care for and had such a sweet disposition. Deuce was the kind of dog you couldn't help but love because he was so loving. If he was just meeting you for the first time, he was up on your lap. Give him a little pet? He was now your best friend. He had such a personality that shined and was a really special boy. We were lucky to have known him for so long. Even in his last year of life he had such a happy spirit.


What a handsome boy Maxx was! Everything about him made him a great dog. Maxx had the greatest personality. He was super friendly, loved playing ball, and just knew how to have fun. He always knew how to be a calm, cuddly boy, with Maxx, it was the best of both worlds. He was was a strong dog that pulled through a lot and lived the happiest life. He was always well behaved and a pleasure to care for. 


SWEET. The best word to describe this girl. She was truly a sweet golden girl. Miley was a lover and loved getting attention. While she did like being with the other dogs, you could always find her at our feet spending most of her time with us. She loved human interaction and soaked it up. She was so loving and just a sweet, sweet dog. We always loved when Miley came to stay and so did the other dogs. She was loved all around and lived a great life. 


Ronan was an amazing dog. He was a fun and mischievous little guy who was very entertaining. He was also a sweetheart. We loved caring for him and his sister, as dachshund lovers we were thrilled to have them become a part of our pack. Ronan fit into the pack so well and was loved by so many. He had a lot of love to give and gave it out freely. We loved spending time with him, always a perfect gentleman when he came for boarding! He is greatly missed.


Truly a special little lady. Jamie was the best! She was so sweet and loving. She was a senior girl but was spunky into her old age. The queen of toys. You could never leave toys unattended around her, unless you wanted them to be destroyed! She was so good at finding a toy and shredding it up in record time. This always cracked us up about her, such a little dog with so much power. She was a lot of fun and kept us entertained. She was a very special dog and will be in our hearts forever. 


Sophie was a leader of the pack. She was another one of our "patrol dogs" who just liked watching the other dogs play and make sure they were all behaving. She would play herself sometimes, but her role was more of being the motherly figure to her sisters. She loved being around the other dogs and always had a smile on her face. Sophie was a great dog with a great personality and was very much loved.  


Macey was one of a kind. She was such a fun, loving dog that always made us smile. She constantly made us laugh with her goofy behavior and was always such a pleasure to care for. Having known her since she was just a tiny pup, we got to watch her grow up into the big beautiful girl that she became. She was a lover and always appreciated the attention she would get from everyone that met her. She was impressive and she knew it! A life lived to the fullest, she will always be remembered with fond memories. 


The legendary Bernese Mountain Dog - Muffin! She lived such a happy life, well past the average lifespan of a BMD. All of her 13 years she was a sweet, loving, happy dog. She loved coming for boarding and spending time with her dog friends. She had a unique personality and was a true gentle giant. We always enjoyed Muffin's company, and she will be forever in our hearts. 


 Fluffy was such a happy little girl that absolutely loved her human companions. She loved her mom, she loved us, and she even loved random strangers she just met! Every time Fluffy came she would wag her entire body with excitement. She knew how to make people smile and did it well. She lit up the room with her tail wags, and was one of the happiest girls we ever met. She left her mark in this world and will always be remembered with happy thoughts.


Pluto was always such a great guest any time he would come for boarding. Calm, playful, friendly, and well behaved, we couldn't have asked for better personality traits. He loved interacting with the other dogs, but was also never one to turn down belly rubs and some personal TLC time. He was a such good boy and will always be remembered.